Pregnancy health and fitness video playlist

The benefits of pregnancy health and fitness can’t be stressed upon enough. I’ve had luck with both pregnancies by not having any morning sickness or nausea both times around. That’s helped me concentrate on keeping myself fit.

The first pregnancy I was extremely vigilant of my workout and diet. Though I had a full time job, I managed to get in a good chunk of workout and eat 6-8 healthy meals spaced throughout the day. I had cut out coffee and was very controlled on sugar intake. Second time around, I was loading up on 2 cups of coffee and overload of sweets. I’m not sure what’s right and wrong but both pregnancies, deliveries and babies have turned out fine so I’m not complaining.

Pregnancy health and fitness tips

  1. Make sure to get yourself cleared by your OBGYN/ midwife/ attending professional

  2. Take it at your own pace

  3. Set a realistic but flexible goal

  4. Keep yourself extra hydrated

  5. Remember, the focus is to build strength to help you during labor, delivery and the postpartum phase

  6. Eat healthy and keep munching every 3 hours throughout your wake time

  7. Establish your ideal weight gain range based on your weight on conception

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1st trimester pregnancy fitness videos

If you’ve been planning in advance, I’d suggest getting in your best fitness levels before you conceive. Either way, once you find out that you’re pregnant, it’s completely up to you how you shape the rest of your pregnancy.

Brisk walk – Average 20 minutes every day

2nd trimester pregnancy fitness videos

Brisk walk – Average 30 minutes every day

3rd trimester pregnancy fitness videos

Brisk walk – Average 30 minutes every day

Higher intensity

Make sure that you’re very vigilant about your overall health at all times and remember – too much of anything is never good.

Full term – closer to labor

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