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Ergobaby 360 – review, features and usage


I have been a big fan of baby wearing and just knew I would be an active baby wearer when I have a baby myself. By mid-pregnancy, we already had a ring sling as wonderful gift by a dear friend on our baby shower. Read a detailed review on our Soul ring sling. But we were super nervous to use the ring sling on a small baby, wish I knew better then!
We have also recently tried out the Kol Kol ring sling and Kol Kol Meh Dai.
We did a lot of research in Dubai stores and online but were not able to find one that we loved.. After shuttling between the baby bjorn, stokke and ergobaby, we decided to purchase the ErgoBaby 360 Baby Carrier with Easy Snug Infant Insert.
As the name suggests, this allows for a 4 way carry and we really wanted this flexibility.  
Forward inward facing

Mother wearing baby in Ergobaby 360 carrier in Back inward facing position in front of a pool in LA
Back inward facing

Hip Position  – never tried. Will be sure to update once we do
The infant insert and the carrier itself are easy to put on and there are easy videos available on YouTube. We’ve been using the carrier since the baby was just a couple of weeks old (we were quite nervous to use it until then)and we absolutely love it. There’s a major panic situation if we forget the carrier while stepping out 😱
Color options – We ideally wanted a more vibrant colour but settled for a black and nude option that seemed very durable and safe. Colour options are quite limited in the UAE but there are many options available in the US and other countries. The ergobaby does not seem to be available in India – though I haven’t done any in depth research.
Safety – Ergonomic position: Basis all the reaearch I’ve done, I found this carrier to have the best ergonomic seat for both inward and outward facing positions and this is something that really reassured the decision for me.
Velcro – I don’t love the Velcro, mainly because any sleeping baby (or adult) will get disturbed if you try to remove it, the sound is a bummer. It also gets very hot around the waist. Having said that, I feel the Velcro and the additional buckle makes it super safe and fits really well.
Shoulder straps – The padded shoulder straps are great, and sit very well on the shoulders. Also fits well on my husband, whose shoulders are much broader than mine, The buckle at the shoulder straps are made for the super flexible! Though I manage fine, I’m sure most men, like my husband, will find it difficult due to lower shoulder flexibility.
Fabric – The fabric is great and feels soft on the skin and the baby also seems quite comfortable in it. It is easy to wash in the machine and we’ve had no problems drying in the dryer or air drying it.
My baby totally loves chewing on the padding while facing out. Not that it’s a big problem but I’d really like if he was slightly higher instead.
One major issue with the padding in the infant insert is that it can get really really hot and sticky when wearing the baby. The temperature needs to be just right for the Baby and you to be comfortable. This works only when the space has good air conditioning or if you are in not-so-burning-hot-weather.
Infant insert – The infant insert is really convenient, and easy to put on, and it stays in there. You just need to make sure it’s settled in well before each use. Even though it can be used only for a few months, it’s made perfectly to help you in the initial days when you need your hands free.
Ease of use – It’s quite easy for anyone to use, though it takes some time to put it on by yourself. The buckles & straps are very easy to manage and the carrier itself is sturdy enough to give the wearer confidence of carrying the baby.
The mother in law with bub
Easy peasy for anyone to wear. The mother in law rocking the carrier during evening walks

It is also very easy to move from front inward to outward facing & the other way around very easily; no extra attachments.
The privacy hood is extremely handy and has helped in many many occasions when baby V sleeps off in the carrier.
One major glitch is that it’s a bit tough to store or carry along when not in use, wish it came with a convenient pouch or bag.
Price – At about AED 725 in the UAE & $170 in the US including, I think it’s a good price for a reliable soft structured carrier.
I would totally recommend this carrier to anyone looking for a comfortable option that’s durable and convenient for long periods of usage.
Share your journey on a full structured carrier. What has your experience been?
Much love,

All the views are my own and based on experience of using our carrier with our baby. It may or may not be applicable in your case.
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32 thoughts on “Ergobaby 360 – review, features and usage

  1. I so wish that there were so many baby carrier options available 5 years back. There were baby carriers but with limited exposure on the same, the usage was also less. But these days the baby carriers look so enticing.

  2. This baby carrier seems very comfortable for both kids and the one who carriers it. I agree this baby carriers are very useful. I loved the pic in which grand ma wearing baby carrier and enjoying her walk.

  3. Very detailed review. I have mixed feelings about a front facing carry as the position of the baby’s spine takes the shape of our body, but if I want the baby to see what I see, I always prefer back carry. But that said, it seems like a very comfortable carrier. 🙂

  4. I love the look of the carrier . We were gifted the one by mothercare but somehow it’s not very baby friendly . Plus with so many brands in the market you are quite spoilt for choice in regards to the carriers

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